I’m beginning to like Australia a lot. Yesterday I went to customs, there was NO lines, it was a very clean and nice building with people very friendly and accommodating. They promised they were gonna check my boxes tomorrow and they did, called me on the cellphone and in a very friendly way told me everything was alright and they will fax the paperwork and set it all ready so I don’t have to go back to the city.

Also today I went to get my drivers license. I made an appointment YESTERDAY !! to go today (unbelievable), and I got there.. Nice building clean office, nice, well dressed people no bad smells… arrived, had to wait for like 5 mins got the test done, I forgot to bring my contacts but they said it was okay, but I would need to wear them while driving. Did the test, and got a drivers license for 10 YEARS .. 10 Fricking years.. OMG .. Sooo easy .. so fast.. I wish life was always like this..

Tomorrow I’m renting a car to drive somewhere west of Melbourne to pick up the boxes.

serve this to remsmbeR why I hate the church

Apologies Needed?
As  an Ex-Jesuit, on behalf of the
    Roman Catholic Church:
To all those tortured, imprisoned, murdered
    in the name of “Orthodoxy”
For the Inquisition, I apologize.
For all the Latin American Cultures
    wiped out, suppressed, brutalized
In the name of Christian Dogmas,
    your forgiveness I beg.
To the Gnostic-heretics whose
    alternative “mystical” perspectives
    were declared the work of the devil,
May I help many rediscover your teachings1
To the great Greek Thinkers
Presented as rational philosophers
I grieve that your “mystical” writings2
    were destroyed by the Bishops of the Church3
To the scholars/sages/students of the Florentine
    Renaissance (15th century), who rediscovered/promulgated
    the ancient teachings of the Hermetic Tradition,4
    yet were crushed by the Roman Catholic Church
    with the aid of the King of France,
I weep for your sufferings/suppression.
Thank God for your survival!
To the North American Indian tribes
    whose conversion meant more than your wisdom
I sponsor sweatlodges in your honor
    and prayers for forgiveness.
To all Scientists who dared challenge the
    authority of the Church and suffered greatly.
As an ex-Jesuit, I plead for understanding:
    “We knew not what we were doing.”
To all the women of the world
    Incredibly SUPPRESSED by the Catholic Church
May your original role become known again!5
Congrats to Saint Mary Magdalene
To Consciousness Who allowed all this to occur
    – and more
Help us to see through the Drama of forms
And realize that there is no need for
    forgiveness, grieving, apologies.
For it was Consciousness Itself doing it all!
How grasp this?6

mmm.. I have nothing to write about.. Nothing at all… I’v

mmm.. I have nothing to write about.. Nothing at all…

I’ve just been playing Far Cry for the past few days. I should, I should, I should be doing this.. I should be doing that, there’s so many things I should be doing. I shouldn’t feel bad that I procastrinate.. like.. if noone procastrinated everyone would be fucking millionaire Einstein, don’t you think.

I’ve been sorta going out from time to time with different guys that I’ve met on the and in IRC. Nothing much has been acomplished by it though. Although I’ve had a nice time.. i guess.. so it’s not all that bad.

My friend’s Roelo’s dog got hit by a car. It’s something that I thought it was going to happen, cause it’s been getting out the house to the street a bunch lately. It was not killed though, and seems it’s gonna be okay.

Guy #3921787

Today I met Brent. He is a phsycologist. Divorced. Father of one child.
After we went out for a coffee, we chatted for a while.

[21:21] Brent: you’re cute
[21:22] Brent: you’re hardly ignorant
[21:26] Brent: you’re a very good looking guy Luis
[21:26] Brent: you are
[21:54] Brent: you’re easy going
[22:21] Brent: you’re cute
[22:21] Brent: and spunky too
[22:28] Brent: you are very attractive
[22:30] Brent: i like your look
[22:31] Brent: dark
[22:31] Brent: nice smile
[22:31] Brent: great eyes
[22:40] Brent: how hung r u?
[22:41] Brent: me 7″ cut
[22:43] Brent: so you gonna tell me?
[22:44] Brent: you look well proportioned
[22:44] Brent: i like your look
[22:45] Brent: how hung r u?
[22:47] Brent: you are playing tough with me
[22:47] Brent: i amasking because I like you
[22:50] Brent: i think you are cute Luis
[23:26] Brent: I liked you today
[23:26] Brent: and think you are cute
[23:26] Brent: love to explore further
[23:26] Brent: thats al
[23:29] Brent: need a cuddle?
[23:29] pizzaman: mmm.. maybe a laxative
[23:29] pizzaman: *giggles*l

err.. I kinda think he likes me.

OMG, I had DEATH BY CHOCOLATE cake.. and a Mango & Passion fruit smoothie and a Mochaccino and at home I had pita bread with Nutella… I think I’m going to die tonight of sugar overdose.


Like I was thinking.. I’ve always thought that I’m good choosing people, like who I hang out with and stuff.. but.. like.. I think I’m totally the opposite. About what happened yesterday, I mean… I guess the guy was a nice person and all, but hello !!!… so many guys that seems sorta normal that want to fuck me senseless and I have to go out with the weirdest one.


Today I went out with some guy. I met him thru and he has been sorta pushing me to go out. He’s sorta weird. He wanted to come to my place, but I definitely said no way. So we went for a walk and I had dinner, a yummy tandoori chicken pizza. He talked about how this higher power has talked to him and given him the wisdom. He also rubbed my leg a bunch of times and wanted to hug me. Which I declined. He talked about how this divine figure have told him about “The Truth”, but I kinda forgot to asking what the truth was about.. gee.. I would suck if like god appeared and shit, cause I would only ask dumb questions, like “would you like chicken or beef”..

Well.. after denying him a hug he got kinda disappointed and the conversation went a bit sour, with him obsessing that I was a secluded hermit, and I affirming that I was protecting myself from the evilness of the world. He was a smelly, bearded, blue-eyed Aussie around 55 yrs old and a little bit of overweight. Nice fellow.

He was very interesting to talk to, I don’t usually get intelligent people to talk to, that are interested in the things I have to say. Which most of the time is nonsense anyways.

We covered the topics of Jesus Christ marriages (he said JC had 3, and he did not planted the seed in MM). He also told me how he discovered that the Carbon14 technique that is used to date fossils is innacurate and he wanted to talk with archaeologists in the Smithsonian museum in Washington, DC about it but they didn’t listened (I wonder why). He also told me, and I’m sorry if I’m revealing this on the Internet for the first time ever, that there is a new disease currently spreading on the world that will take over AIDS as soon as they find a cure for it.

It’s cool to have connections high above. I wonder when are they releasing Manhunt 2, wow.. I might ask him next time.

(I am not making anything of this up, this is true story of what happened to me today)

spunkboi25: great looks!
pizzamanauthor: nice pic of ..
pizzamanauthor: OMG
pizzamanauthor: that’s your willy
spunkboi25: lol
spunkboi25: what natio r u dude
spunkboi25: your very attractive
pizzamanauthor: Venezuelan, with Australian & American in me
spunkboi25: do you speak spanish
pizzamanauthor: cause they were ex’s
pizzamanauthor: Yeah
spunkboi25: hola como estas
spunkboi25: yo estoy muy caliente
pizzamanauthor: Hola, bien y tú ?
spunkboi25: lol
spunkboi25: what r u into mate
spunkboi25: do you like spanish cock
spunkboi25: where about r u
pizzamanauthor: Eres español ?
spunkboi25: si
pizzamanauthor: South Yarra
spunkboi25: cool
pizzamanauthor: ando buscando amigos, no sexo
spunkboi25: do you have your own place
pizzamanauthor: yeah
spunkboi25: ok
spunkboi25: love to fuck around with you dude
pizzamanauthor: errr..
pizzamanauthor: but ..
pizzamanauthor: like..
spunkboi25: if u change your mind let me know.
pizzamanauthor: i just want friends..
spunkboi25: not a vovk
spunkboi25: cock?
pizzamanauthor: nope..
spunkboi25: lol
pizzamanauthor: i have one already…
spunkboi25: cool.
spunkboi25: how big?
pizzamanauthor: 7.5
spunkboi25: nice
spunkboi25: cool, i must find a cock to play with
spunkboi25: ciao
pizzamanauthor: awww
pizzamanauthor: will you be my friend if i let u gimme head ?
spunkboi25: lol
spunkboi25: r u bi or gay
pizzamanauthor: gay ..
spunkboi25: r u straight acting
spunkboi25: in the scene
pizzamanauthor: I’m so straight acting, I sometimes confuse myself
spunkboi25: lol