spunkboi25: great looks!
pizzamanauthor: nice pic of ..
pizzamanauthor: OMG
pizzamanauthor: that’s your willy
spunkboi25: lol
spunkboi25: what natio r u dude
spunkboi25: your very attractive
pizzamanauthor: Venezuelan, with Australian & American in me
spunkboi25: do you speak spanish
pizzamanauthor: cause they were ex’s
pizzamanauthor: Yeah
spunkboi25: hola como estas
spunkboi25: yo estoy muy caliente
pizzamanauthor: Hola, bien y tú ?
spunkboi25: lol
spunkboi25: what r u into mate
spunkboi25: do you like spanish cock
spunkboi25: where about r u
pizzamanauthor: Eres español ?
spunkboi25: si
pizzamanauthor: South Yarra
spunkboi25: cool
pizzamanauthor: ando buscando amigos, no sexo
spunkboi25: do you have your own place
pizzamanauthor: yeah
spunkboi25: ok
spunkboi25: love to fuck around with you dude
pizzamanauthor: errr..
pizzamanauthor: but ..
pizzamanauthor: like..
spunkboi25: if u change your mind let me know.
pizzamanauthor: i just want friends..
spunkboi25: not a vovk
spunkboi25: cock?
pizzamanauthor: nope..
spunkboi25: lol
pizzamanauthor: i have one already…
spunkboi25: cool.
spunkboi25: how big?
pizzamanauthor: 7.5
spunkboi25: nice
spunkboi25: cool, i must find a cock to play with
spunkboi25: ciao
pizzamanauthor: awww
pizzamanauthor: will you be my friend if i let u gimme head ?
spunkboi25: lol
spunkboi25: r u bi or gay
pizzamanauthor: gay ..
spunkboi25: r u straight acting
spunkboi25: in the scene
pizzamanauthor: I’m so straight acting, I sometimes confuse myself
spunkboi25: lol


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