3rd day straight…

On the third day of going out with Nathan, we decided to go to an Open House of the arts centers in Melbourne. We met around 2pm or so and took the train to the city. Right of the train station there was so museum so we went exploring. We found a really cool multimedia exposition, which some guy told us it was the biggest one in the world. There was this cool piece that was a white globe with a hole and a screen, you pushed your finger in the hole and the screen would change into different comic style drawing of genitalia, We laughed very hard while playing with it. After that we walked around Chinatown and went into a couple of stores. We were laughing all the time and having fun. One thing that bothered me was that he kept repeating what I said, sorta mocking my accent.. *grr* .. After that we went back to his place we decided to watch a movie. OMG.. what a mess… It’s been a LONG time since I’ve seen a place so dirty and messy. He did some pot (we’ve gone out 3 times, 2 of them he has done drugs, one different kind of drug each time), after that we went to a safeway supermarket to buy some “lollies” as he call them .. candy to eat while watching the movie. My eyes were very sore from the contacts and he kept saying that they were red, and he looked stoned, so both of us looked as if we were on drugs. We laughed a lot walking back to his apartment. It was fun… more to come latah

Followup on Nathan

The second day we went out we went to the movies, to watch I, Robot. It was very cool. The movie was good and he was nice company. He rubbed my arm. We held hands a few times and rubbed legs. After that we went to a cafe and had hot chocolate with marshmallows, came back to my place laid on my bed and watched “our lady of the assassins” which is a pretty good movie, but I don’t think he liked it very much, although there were plenty of shooting and dead people. While on bed he rubbed my pants for a while and kept me hard most of the movie. He was tired so he left pretty early.

Amazing !

The last couple of days have been very strange.. but let me start since the beginning. Before I came to Melbourne I met in gay.com this guy named Rob, who have been nice to me. He has invited me out a couple times and took me to the gay discos and clubs which are like 2 blocks away from where i live. On one of the ocassions I went out with him he wanted to meet with this guy from New Zealand. When I met him I sat besides him, we both were a lil bit feeling awkward and it showed but he made the effort to talk to me, which immediately I sensed that he liked me, also while we were eating I dropped something, I think it was my napkin, and he rushed to pick it up, that made it kinda obvious that he was trying to do an effort to be extra nice to me, not because of picking it up, but the way he rushed to do it.

A couple of weeks passed by and didn’t saw him until on friday I called Robbie and invited him to dinner. I’ve been wanting to invite him for dinner for quite some time cause once we went to this gay club and he and jay paid for almost all my drinks cause i couldn’t get money out of the ATM. Well, Robbie agreed to go to dinner at 6pm. A little while before 6 Robbie called and said that New Zealand boy was coming too, I was sorta disappointed cause I wanted to take Robbie only, cause I thought it would be awkward to invite one and not the other, but didn’t really know what to say, so i sorta shut up and went along. So well we ended up going to TGI Fridays, there I learned that the name of the NZ boy is Nathan. He seemed interested in me, talking to me a lot and he even invited me to this VIP party that very same night, to wich Robbie could not attend. He ate a grilled chicken sandwhich and I had the baby back ribs *yumm*. He drank two different cocktails, last one was very blue, I had a very good tequila sunrise. During dinner the topic of my penis came up, brought by Robbie who had seen pictures and webcam of it. Nathan seemed interested, and I sorta fended him off sayin, “I’ll send you pics later”. After dinner ended I felt weird paying for Robbie only so I pressed on to pay for Nathan to, he sorta felt awkward and tried to push me to let him pay for his part (which i loved) saying “you don’t know me” but we ended up agreeing he will be paying for the drinks that night (I made the comment “Although we are going to a VIP party with free drinks”, evrybody laughed) we sorta went on our ways, Robbie left and we went to the straight disco, we couldn’t get it cause it was not open yet so we after some struggle decided to go for a coffee. We sat and had capuccino, not sure what we talked about. He paid, we headed to the disco, there was a huuuuuge line at the door. We decide to go to Exchange a gay bar/disco/club it was cool, we dcomerank some, me straight vodka on the rocks with a squirt of lemon, he Bandi?? rum with coke (he made me say Baaandi a few times). We decided to sit on the sofas in front of the fireplace, this is where it all becomes unclear, we talk all the time, he specially always had something to say or a question to ask.We became very direct, and started to talk about sex and stuff, he started to feel me up I guess prompted by curiosity from the previous talk. He wowed, and started to become wilder and wilder, I felt him up as well, and was gladly greeted by a stiffening boner, all this above clothing. Maybe it sound a lil bit sleazy but for me was very exciting and sorta innocnet, well as innocent as you can be at 33 and in a gay bar. At some point after a lot of drink he wanted to lick it, lol, of course I didn’t let him. He stood up a let me there by myself a few times, he seemed to know some people, but not too many. Once he stood up and after he came back he told me he had bought some cc which he said it was similar to e. He asked me if i wanted to buy any, I gently said I wasn’t interested. We watched the drag shows for a while, neither of us were too interested in them. We went to another gay club called Diva, he was dancing with me, lifting his shirt showing a nice flat hairless tummy. We commented on it, he said he had abs, i felt his, he felt mine, he wowed *blushes*. We were very touchy all the time. At Diva we found an opened door which let into a outdoors courtyard, nobody was there we held each other and danced, rubbing our bodies together. He said he wabted to blow me right there, i didn’t let him, was wonderful to feel the warmth of a body. We were busted, we weren’t doing anything in special, but they told us to go get a room. We laughed and went back to the dancefloor, we danced for a lil while. Went back to exchange, he took his pill. We danced and again sat on the couches, he exchange phone numbers with some guy, i’m not sure he knew from before, I didn’t asked and tried not to care. After a while he started to feel bad, it showed he looked tired, he offered to walk me home, at mid walk, he asked if it was too far away, we hugged, he said he was going to call me the next day to go walk around Melbourne, and each went on our way.



joinmetoday: how u doing ?
pizzamanauthor: cold ! and u?
joinmetoday: not too bad thanks, what’s ur status?
pizzamanauthor: Tourist
joinmetoday: i am 34, str8 acting, 73 w, 5 8 height, 7 cut and u?
pizzamanauthor: err.. I’m 33 and like.. I’m like.. 5’6″ and like skinny.. and like.. like.. ncut
joinmetoday: r u top/bottom/vers?
pizzamanauthor: depends where the other guy is
joinmetoday: r u in melb?
pizzamanauthor: cause like.. if he’s on the top… I’m like bottom.. but he’s on the bottom .. i’m like top .. but like he can be on the bottom while i’m bottom..
pizzamanauthor: but like i haven’t had sex in so long that i don’t remember
pizzamanauthor: yeah..
pizzamanauthor: in melbourne
joinmetoday: i am top and interested to catch up, how is that
pizzamanauthor: catch up what ?
joinmetoday: hook up
pizzamanauthor: fishing?
joinmetoday: yap
pizzamanauthor: YAY !!
pizzamanauthor: I love fishing
pizzamanauthor: all those cutie fishies
joinmetoday: where do u live?
pizzamanauthor: and like .. the water and the beach
pizzamanauthor: YAY !!
pizzamanauthor: I wanna go
pizzamanauthor: South Yarra
joinmetoday: man i am looking for sex
joinmetoday: that fishing
pizzamanauthor: OMG
pizzamanauthor: SEX !
pizzamanauthor: I rather go fishing fishies
joinmetoday: yap
joinmetoday: r u interested ?
joinmetoday: 4 sex
pizzamanauthor: only if we go fishing fishies firsty
joinmetoday: bye
pizzamanauthor: like.. i wanna catch a HUGE salmon
pizzamanauthor: awww


Wow, I’m so happy to see that posted in his LJ, it’s been a while since we’ve talked and I was wondering how he was doing.

Yesterday went with Roelo to visit Michael, he’s a very sweet guy, in his late 50’s I would say, very energetic and funny, he cooked for us. We were talking and he was making jokes, and I usually don’t laugh a lot in front of people, but I was cracking up. Roelo seemed pissy about something the whole day, I can only guess he was sad cause he was leaving. Rob has been bugging me for him to stay over and do some frottage with me.

frot·tage (frô-täzh)

  1. Massage; rubbing.
  2. The act of rubbing against the body of another person, as in a crowd, to
    attain sexual gratification.

But I’m not sure if want to have sex with him, he’s cute and all .. but he’s sorta my only friend here in Melbourne so far, I think I’m going to wait, anyways.. I’ve haven’t had proper sex in 3 years.. so .. who cares if I wait another decade or two ..

I have a bunch of stuff to do here, get a drivers license, get a bank account, start working on my permanent residency, fix the cold air drafts in my apt, buy furniture,


Yesterday Roelo and I went to Marysville “Marysville is only ninety minutes from Melbourne through the wineries of the Yarra Valley and the majestic mountain ash and giant tree ferns of the Blacks’ Spur”. It was a very pretty drive from Melbourne, lots of tropical forest vegetation, and lots of ferns, and then everything covered in snow… was really pretty. After that we went to the MOËT Chandon vineyards, we had some wine tasting and a cheese platter that was soo yummy, I was pigging out. That took us the whole day. In the evening Roelo was going to some party which I didn’t wanted to go, after I was at home for a while Gayle called and invited me to a fund raising party for a costa Rican orphanage.. *rolls eyes* .. which I agreed to go .. well… it was different.. lol .. there were some blues brothers impersonators which actually did a very good job.

Weird Dreams

Last night I dreamt I was having sex with my ex-ex, yes you! (). I think I was about to do oral to him when my mother called me and started talking to me about something, some pictures I think. Then I went to a grocery store to buy a huge cucumber and then went to his home to see if we were going to keep doing what we were doing before, but then I had to show the same pictures I was talking about with my mother to his mother… weird dream, although I enjoyed seeing him nakkid again, he’s soo cute/hot. 😀

wow, it”s been a while since i’ve had time to update my jou

wow, it”s been a while since i’ve had time to update my journal.

Today was a weird day, i was being extra clumsy and broke one bulblight from the bathroom. It was already burnt but I wanted to take it to the hardware store to get it changed. Also I drove the rental car into the sidewalk and made a hole in the side of the tire, which makes it unrepairable, so i had to buy a new tire, a bird shit on me ( i guess that was a signal to stay indoors today ). Finally took the rental car back today, I had it for 10 days already, wow, i’ve been here for 10 days .. amazing. I ordered Internet today, will get it in around 10 days.

So finally got an apartment in elbourne, South Yarra. It’s a very nice neighborhood very close to one of the most famous shopping strips in melbourne. It has wooden floors, just like I wanted, thought the first couple of days it was a bit of a shock and the neighbors were a lil bit noisy, but i like the apartment a lot and it’a gonna be cool. I need to get some furniture though, i went to IKEA but I ain’t a fucking decorator and when it comes to matching textures and colors and colour coordinating I ain’t have no fucking clue. I guess I’ll wait until Roelo comes on friday to visit, maybe he’ll help, although I’m not sure he has better taste than I do.

Today is my first time riding the trams, they are sorta like the ones in San Francisco, but they cover the whole city. They are nice, and they give me plenty of time to update my journal.