Back from China

It’s been a couple of weeks since I came back from China. It was a very interesting trip. I have a little bit of difficulty reacting how I am expected to, it’s fun to watch how people rather have a cookie cutter reaction towards their questions rather than an honest, elaborated one. Guess people are too busy and don’t have time to waste (R’s line). While in China went to a lot of cities, Hong Kong (HK), Shenzhen (Guangdong), Guiling (Guangxi), Yangshuo (Guangxi), Kunming (Yunnan), Dali (Yunnan), Lijian (Yunnan), Chengdu (Sichuan), Xi’an (Shaanxi), Harbin (Heilongjiang), Beijing and Shanghai. It is interesting that on the 2nd week after being there, even though I had a cold for a month or several colds in series I felt much better healthwise than I’ve felt in a while. Bloating disappeared for a long time and my stomach was flat as a board. Although I didn’t had the energy of a 15 year old I was walking and running all over and didn’t had much problems. Being there reminded me that I can do whatever I want, as in, I have the strength, intelligence and character stability to overcome all challenges that I might be faced with and that is a good feeling. I didn’t travel to drink, fuck or tell. I traveled to prove myself that I can and to have a deeper understanding of a culture and people that are often misjudged and misundertood.

In a way I do feel disappointed though. I wasn’t able to overcome all my inhibitions and fears. I was nastied my dirt and bothered by some minor cultural diferences. I have critiziced this in the past about other people, and their fear of difference makes the critical about others. Chinese do spit, a lot, and for some reason I felt whenever I past a spitting chinese that he was doing it on purpose because of me, of course this is not true, they just do it, but I sorta felt offended in some way. I tried to counteract this by spitting back. Whenever I approached a chinese who was clearing his throat preparing his saliva missile, I would do the same thing and spit as he did, was my way to counterattack. Of course, I’m sure, they didn’t even thought about it being funny at all.