I’m falling back on my japanese, I have to study it a couple

I’m falling back on my japanese, I have to study it a couple times a week, besides going to classes and also I have to give time to draw too… I’ll scan and post my drawings.. hopefully …

Tomorrow I have a midterm, and haven’t studied too much.. I’m doing pretty well on this course, it’s Legal Environment in Business. I’ve got 86, 88 and 96 on the tests so far.

Gee.. I have so many things going on it’s not even funny. I

Gee.. I have so many things going on it’s not even funny. I keeping a little appointment book with all the things I got to do and it seems there is always something new I got to do..

I think even though sometimes i’m hectic, it’s fun to see that I am handling things in a great way, so far I’m keeping my appointments, doing all my homeworks, and going to everything I want without the frequent “shit, I forgot to do…”

LA …. And it’s not Los Angeles

Just popped to my mind that I haven’t wrote here about yesterday. Yesterday Luis Antonio messaged me again, and I answered, we started talking for a while and he was telling me about what’s going on in his life. I am interested, but on the other hand I am not a masochist (that I know of) and everytime he talks with me it hurts, not really because of the things he say, because he’s just looking for someone to talk to, it’s more because I’m not over him yet, and it hurts a lot to see that he’s not here with me and he has no interest to be.

Japanese Time !

Let me try the numbers :

Romaji  -  Kana  -  Kanji
ichi         いち         一
ni          に          二
san        さん          三
shi/yon      し/よん      四
go         ご          五
roku        ろく         六
shichi/nana  しち/なな      七
hachi       はち         八
kyuu        きゅう        九
juu/too      じゅう/とお     十

Charmed’s Question !

A few days ago something weird happened. My ex-ex boyfriend sent me an email message after almost a month of no contact. It was a rather long email telling me about his problems in his relationship and basically showing me a very depressed face of him, although I know his boyfriend (Kumashy) and I talk with him almost everyday and somehow I know his boyfriend loves him. I also know that kumashy is only 17 years old and he still have many things to live and experience. So he is kinda frisky, but basically I think he has respected the relationship enough.

So my ex-ex after telling me all this about his relationship, asks me for a favor, asks me for $1000 because he needed to pay for college. Well he has asked me for money in several occasions before and usually I never lend anything, and this time was not going to be the exception, not because I’m mean, but because I knew that somehow this was not the complete story.

A few days later, I was online and ‘s brother messaged me, and asked me if it was true that I was going to send him some money. To which I replied it was not entirely true, but it wasn’t a lie either (because although I wasn’t going to send anything, he was expecting it). Well he kept on talking and told me that was expecting that money cause he owed him around $350 in cell phone expenses.

So I’m kind of complicated in here, let’s see :

  • He asked me for money stating that it was for college, but it’s really not my problem what he uses is for ?
  • He knew that I would’ve never lent him anything if I knew it was due to his irresponsibility?
  • Did he basically lied to me?
  • Why would I lend $300 to Luis Antonio for his kitten and not to ?
  • Why people come to me asking for money?

Well I guess that of course it’s not my problem what he uses the money for, but… lying is something dishonest and shouldn’t be done by friends (or exs), and he was trying to manipulate the situation to make me lend him the money because he knew I wasn’t if I knew the truth.

*Thanks to Tony and Ben for exemplifying the use of lj-cut !

Went out finally

Yesterday finally I met my first gay guy in Providence. He was someone I’ve talked a few times with. He told me he was bored and offered me to go out to a bar/club called Mirabar. So we met really close by to the dorms and went to the club. He wasn’t very talkative, but the music was kinda loud and didn’t helped us talk. I drank a vodka trying to get away from the awkward moment. Later he offered to dance, and I really enjoyed dancing there, the music was very good and I jumped around a lot. After the bar closed (in here everything closes at 2am). We came to JWU and I gave him a mini tour of the area, we sat down and talked briefly after a while it was getting kinda cold, so I said goodbye and left.

I was doubtful whether he liked me or not, but later he connected to the net and started to be very talkative to me, and I guess that meant he liked me. That’s a good ego boost.

Luis Antonio’s Kitten

This happened a few days ago… I didn’t wanted to write about it again, so I add an insert of how I told a friend about what happened :

[22:38] Author: a couple days ago I was online.. and my ex talked to me
[22:38] Jon: and?
[22:39] Author: i usually don’t answer him .. but this time he wrote “won’t you ever talk to me again ?”
[22:39] Jon: mmm
[22:39] Author: to which i replied .. ever is a long time..
[22:39] Author: so well.. he started talking to me . and blah bla .. telling me that he was going back to Venezuela in 10 days…
[22:39] Author: and blah blah..
[22:39] Author: and then he started talking about his cat..
[22:39] Jon: i understand…that one would be hard to resist
[22:40] Author: seems that a few months ago he found a small kitten .. and he has been taken care of it ever since…
[22:40] Jon: cool
[22:40] Author: and he was telling me if I wanted it cause he didn’t had the money to pay for all the shots and tranport for it to Venezuela..
[22:41] Author: I told him .. I don’t want it cause It would hurt too much..
[22:41] Jon: understood
[22:41] Author: in the end I asked him .. how much ?
[22:41] Author: he told me $300..
[22:41] Jon: and?
[22:41] Author: and i sent him a money order.. for $300
[22:42] Jon: should I ask……lol
[22:42] Author: he didn’t wanted to accept the money, ..
[22:42] Jon: and he’s sending the kitten?
[22:42] Author: he’s taking the kitten to Venezuela

I’m happy.. Finally today I got my Rhode Island Non-Driver I

I’m happy.. Finally today I got my Rhode Island Non-Driver ID.. Now I have a ID number, yay .. !!..
Today it was pretty hectic, I woke up really early and went to have some blood tests that I needed to have done. Later I went to DMV (where I spent at least 2 hours) and after that I came back to my dorm only to receive a letter that warned me that I could be suspended if I didn’t got the Tuberculosis Test. So I stayed online for a while and then went to get the TB test done. After that came back and ate, and early in the evening I went with Anna to drink some wine at a local bar (American Bar).

Now I might be going out with a guy I met several weeks ago through the Internet, in gay.com. Let’s see how it goes..

Wow .. It’s been a while since the last time I wrote somethi

Wow .. It’s been a while since the last time I wrote something here, I keep repeating this to myself to see if I end up writing here more often. There have been few ups and downs lately. Yesterday it was a very interesting day .. I was getting a little bit pissed off from all the smoke in the room. (My roomate smokes a lot). So I tried to stay out of the room for most part of the day. I ended up trying to find a corner in the halls where there weren’t people walking around or noise. I ended up drawing a little bit there. I started doing some of the exercises from the book and they’ve come out pretty nicely already.

In the evening I went with David (Hungarian boy that everybody was saying that he might be gay, and he talks kinda weird and people make fun of thim). He has been insisting for the last couple of weeks that we should go somewhere, he wanted to go with me somewhere no matter where.. So we ended up going to a pumpkin festival called Jack-O-Lantern, very nice, thousands of carved pumpkins set up in different areas with different themes,nice music, smoke, lights.. very nice setup indeed


Lately my days have been very good, I’ve been skating everywhere it’s very nice and fun to be able to get everywhere fast. Also I feel so good doing it….

Today I went to the movies with Delia and Anna, I had such a great time it was unbelievable. We went and watched the Ring. Since it is a scary movie they were all scared and hugging me, and since they know I’m gay they were confortable doing it, which in the end felt really nice cause I got hugged. The movie photography was interesting. After that we went to a bar and ate something and drank a beer, it’s really nice to do stuff…

I’m not sure why I haven’t been updating my LJ as frecuently as I like to. But I haven’t felt like it, or haven’t had anything to write.

I’m reading a book called Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain, it teaches about how you can develop drawing skills if you relearn how to see things. Today I went and bough a bunch of art supplies, I will start following the book to see if I can learn how to draw better.