Funny how ex’s stuff still affects me after all this years. Yesterday I indulged myself in haute gastronomy, I had a large big mac meal. I knew it was going to hurt but valiantly accepted the challenge. During sleep had several nightnares including one with my first ex and another one with… darn forgot already.

Brisbane to Melbourne in detail

Again it’s been a while since any new posts. I’ve been wanting to update but…

A lot of different events happened lately. First I went on a road trip a few weeks ago with Luke. We went to a lot of different cities including Toowoomba, Goodawindi, Bourke, Broken Hill, Silverton, Mildura, Bendigo and Melbourne. We sleep in a tent most of the time, inside caravan parks but a few nights we slept in national parks, it was a fun trip and we got to do/see a lot of stuff.

Most of the trip I purposedly stayed upbeat and frisky, although it wasn’t particularly hard because I was quite happy. Sadly I got upset because of the silliest of things, when we reached Mungo I’ve been wanting to do a bbq for a number of days. At first I just wanted to buy some meat and do a bbq at a normal gas grill that are usual in national parks but since we didn’t know if there was going to be one at Mungo we debated about it for a while. We ended up grabbing firewood on the way just in case there was no gas grills. I got quite excited on the thought of cooking the bbq over a wood fire, but when we finally arrived to Mungo Luke decided that the “proper” way to cook the meat was on the gas grills. This ticked me the wrong way. I guess because I’d rather do stuff how I want to, rather than the proper way. Sounds silly now, but I was pretty pissed off.

After a few days I got over it. Although Luke seemed distant and we kinda rushed the last few days of the trip. When we finally arrived to Melbourne I was supposed to stay for a few days at Luke’s just hanging around and I guess going out with him and stuff, but he seemed bothered by me there, so I just slept there for 2 nights and left early in the morning.