serve this to remsmbeR why I hate the church

Apologies Needed?
As  an Ex-Jesuit, on behalf of the
    Roman Catholic Church:
To all those tortured, imprisoned, murdered
    in the name of “Orthodoxy”
For the Inquisition, I apologize.
For all the Latin American Cultures
    wiped out, suppressed, brutalized
In the name of Christian Dogmas,
    your forgiveness I beg.
To the Gnostic-heretics whose
    alternative “mystical” perspectives
    were declared the work of the devil,
May I help many rediscover your teachings1
To the great Greek Thinkers
Presented as rational philosophers
I grieve that your “mystical” writings2
    were destroyed by the Bishops of the Church3
To the scholars/sages/students of the Florentine
    Renaissance (15th century), who rediscovered/promulgated
    the ancient teachings of the Hermetic Tradition,4
    yet were crushed by the Roman Catholic Church
    with the aid of the King of France,
I weep for your sufferings/suppression.
Thank God for your survival!
To the North American Indian tribes
    whose conversion meant more than your wisdom
I sponsor sweatlodges in your honor
    and prayers for forgiveness.
To all Scientists who dared challenge the
    authority of the Church and suffered greatly.
As an ex-Jesuit, I plead for understanding:
    “We knew not what we were doing.”
To all the women of the world
    Incredibly SUPPRESSED by the Catholic Church
May your original role become known again!5
Congrats to Saint Mary Magdalene
To Consciousness Who allowed all this to occur
    – and more
Help us to see through the Drama of forms
And realize that there is no need for
    forgiveness, grieving, apologies.
For it was Consciousness Itself doing it all!
How grasp this?6


  1. wow that really makes you think because why do we grieve, apologize, and forgive when we were conscious when commiting things in the first place. you can’t grieve, apologize, and forgive things when in the beginning they weren’t just said or done by accident because that’s just an excuse because we are always conscious.

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