LA sent me this email : Bueno senor se desaparecio del

LA sent me this email :

Bueno senor se desaparecio del mundo… y entonces?…
bueno que sea lo que sea…
No es justo que te desaparescas del mapa para probar quein se preocupa por ti…
bueno espero que des alguna senal… a alguien…

En parte tiene razón, además de dejar de conectarme para no hablar más con el ni con ninguno de su alrededor, también quise ver quienes me enviaban un email preguntando donde estoy .. entre los que han enviado algo o han llamado están :


1 mes despues
Luis Antonio


What I’ve been doing ?

I’ve been playing a lot with VMware, currently I have installed as guests using Active Directory on a domain:

Windows Server 2003 Standard
Windows 2000 Server <- Domain Controller Longhorn Linux RedHat 9.0 Windows XP Japanese Windows XP Professional all these over my Windows XP Pro as host.


After finding about the low levels of lithium in my body, I got an appointment with a psychiatrist who specializes (seems so) in lithium. It’s on February the 3rd at 3pm.

Chelating Therapy

For almost a month I’ve been taking:

Glutathione Booster

Vitamin C – 200mg
Vitamin E – 100 IU
Vitamin B2 – 5mg
Selenium – 200 mcg
N- Acetyl Cysteine – 200mg
Milk Thistle Extract – 140mg
Asparagus Concentrate – 25mg
Alpha lipoic acid – 50mg
Garlic – 100mg
Glutathione – 10mg
L- Cysteine (N-Acetyl)
L- Glutamine – 50mg
L- Glycine – 50mg

N-Acetyl Cysteine – 600 mg – Solgar
DMSA – 100 mg – Vitamin research
MSM – 1000 mg – CVS Brand
Vitamin C – 1000 mg – CVS Brand
Alpha lipoic acid – 100 mg – Nature’s Bounty
Selenium Chelate – Hollywood Health

Selenium – 100mcg
Vitamin E – 100IU
Chlorella – 300mg
Alginate – 200mg
Apple pectin – 200mg

With this I’m trying to promote the production of sulfur in my body so it chelates with mercury, Also ALA is a chelator, MSM opens cells, DMSA is a chemical chelator, NAC promotes the production of of glutamine in the liver, selenium is a chelator.


Soo.. finally I get a MSN account to chat with my and what does he do ?.. calls me a weirdo and blocks me.. gee..