I just saw “Y tu mamá también” again.. what a great movie, they are soro natural.. I realized two things.. one.. that some of my difficulties socializing come from not learning that as a child and my fear of being critisized because of have been overly critisized in the past.

The second thing I realized is that, when i grew up .. until 22 I was completely submerged in the straight world. Thus I find it hard to enjoy the queer world cause that’s not what i grew up with.

I love good movies, they make me see so much about my own self.


Yesterday went out with the Kayak and the dogs, it was VERY nice, Quilly was on the bow and darwin on the back. Had lots of fun. At night went out with Jose, met this group of his friends, there was this anglo guy who was cute but too big and clumsy. He was drunk. He kept wanting me badly. Telling me how cute I was and how he loved my eyes every 10 seconds, he made me blush in my mind.

After the night was over I sorta offered to give everybody a ride back home. They were very apologetic, and I was feeling funny. I can’t hide my emotions very easily and sometimes I don’t even know how to feel.


When I took E this is what i felt like..

MDMA can promote an extraordinary clarity of introspective self-insight, together with a deep love of self and a no less emotionally intense empathetic love of others.

it was kewl ! 😀


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