Bye bye Canon 400d

A few days ago I ebayed my camera. Had it for like 5 months or so, I learned a bunch about photography and carried it everywhere. Enjoyed taking photos very much, a new model came out and thought it was a good time to sell this one before the prices went down too bad. It went for $859 with 2 lenses.


Busy day today, doing chores and regular stuff people just have to do cause … life throws them at you. Let’s see. D Changed some linens @ spotlight (linen store in Indooroopilly area. Had lunch in this really nice asian restaurant, the food was amazingly good, and the funny thing is that it’s a build your own noodle bar. You choose the noodle type, the sauce, and the proteins. I had thin rice noodles, black bean sauce (Hong Kong style) and seafood.