I’m beginning to like Australia a lot. Yesterday I went to customs, there was NO lines, it was a very clean and nice building with people very friendly and accommodating. They promised they were gonna check my boxes tomorrow and they did, called me on the cellphone and in a very friendly way told me everything was alright and they will fax the paperwork and set it all ready so I don’t have to go back to the city.

Also today I went to get my drivers license. I made an appointment YESTERDAY !! to go today (unbelievable), and I got there.. Nice building clean office, nice, well dressed people no bad smells… arrived, had to wait for like 5 mins got the test done, I forgot to bring my contacts but they said it was okay, but I would need to wear them while driving. Did the test, and got a drivers license for 10 YEARS .. 10 Fricking years.. OMG .. Sooo easy .. so fast.. I wish life was always like this..

Tomorrow I’m renting a car to drive somewhere west of Melbourne to pick up the boxes.


  1. Aw I’m so happy your having a great time in australia and are assemilating into their country quite well. You make my mind expand and I think to myself that maybe someday I can live in a foreign country too. 🙂

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