Guy #3921787

Today I met Brent. He is a phsycologist. Divorced. Father of one child.
After we went out for a coffee, we chatted for a while.

[21:21] Brent: you’re cute
[21:22] Brent: you’re hardly ignorant
[21:26] Brent: you’re a very good looking guy Luis
[21:26] Brent: you are
[21:54] Brent: you’re easy going
[22:21] Brent: you’re cute
[22:21] Brent: and spunky too
[22:28] Brent: you are very attractive
[22:30] Brent: i like your look
[22:31] Brent: dark
[22:31] Brent: nice smile
[22:31] Brent: great eyes
[22:40] Brent: how hung r u?
[22:41] Brent: me 7″ cut
[22:43] Brent: so you gonna tell me?
[22:44] Brent: you look well proportioned
[22:44] Brent: i like your look
[22:45] Brent: how hung r u?
[22:47] Brent: you are playing tough with me
[22:47] Brent: i amasking because I like you
[22:50] Brent: i think you are cute Luis
[23:26] Brent: I liked you today
[23:26] Brent: and think you are cute
[23:26] Brent: love to explore further
[23:26] Brent: thats al
[23:29] Brent: need a cuddle?
[23:29] pizzaman: mmm.. maybe a laxative
[23:29] pizzaman: *giggles*l

err.. I kinda think he likes me.

OMG, I had DEATH BY CHOCOLATE cake.. and a Mango & Passion fruit smoothie and a Mochaccino and at home I had pita bread with Nutella… I think I’m going to die tonight of sugar overdose.


  1. Dude that sucks that all he wanted to know was your cock size and not you but that’s the gest I got from the convo but I could be totally wrong. Ah dude I’m so happy to see there’s another chocolate freak out there. I so would have finished that death by chocolate cake with you! ;P

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