9:08:03 PM oh yeh…and did you do the drive south?
9:08:50 PM Ohh, I thought I told you about it.
9:08:58 PM I drove all the way from Brisbane to Melbourne
9:09:02 PM and back
9:09:06 PM 5000kms
9:09:40 PM that’s pretty far!!
9:09:52 PM Was pretty cool, got to see all kinds of arid scenery, camp out and sleep in tent, garbage got raided by kangaroos at night.
9:10:11 PM lol…
9:10:30 PM Got to see a lot of kangaroos .. plus around 90 dead as roadkill, among all the roadkill i saw.. from birds to foxes

9:10:57 PM I didn’t know roos did that with garbage; I thought they were vegetarians
9:11:29 PM Well, he was like 3 feet away from us, munching at it.. in the middle of the night, was cool.
9:11:31 PM hope you didn’t add to the carnage 🙁
9:11:43 PM cool
9:11:56 PM Only millions of bugs.

9:12:08 PM lol