Today I went out with some guy. I met him thru and he has been sorta pushing me to go out. He’s sorta weird. He wanted to come to my place, but I definitely said no way. So we went for a walk and I had dinner, a yummy tandoori chicken pizza. He talked about how this higher power has talked to him and given him the wisdom. He also rubbed my leg a bunch of times and wanted to hug me. Which I declined. He talked about how this divine figure have told him about “The Truth”, but I kinda forgot to asking what the truth was about.. gee.. I would suck if like god appeared and shit, cause I would only ask dumb questions, like “would you like chicken or beef”..

Well.. after denying him a hug he got kinda disappointed and the conversation went a bit sour, with him obsessing that I was a secluded hermit, and I affirming that I was protecting myself from the evilness of the world. He was a smelly, bearded, blue-eyed Aussie around 55 yrs old and a little bit of overweight. Nice fellow.

He was very interesting to talk to, I don’t usually get intelligent people to talk to, that are interested in the things I have to say. Which most of the time is nonsense anyways.

We covered the topics of Jesus Christ marriages (he said JC had 3, and he did not planted the seed in MM). He also told me how he discovered that the Carbon14 technique that is used to date fossils is innacurate and he wanted to talk with archaeologists in the Smithsonian museum in Washington, DC about it but they didn’t listened (I wonder why). He also told me, and I’m sorry if I’m revealing this on the Internet for the first time ever, that there is a new disease currently spreading on the world that will take over AIDS as soon as they find a cure for it.

It’s cool to have connections high above. I wonder when are they releasing Manhunt 2, wow.. I might ask him next time.

(I am not making anything of this up, this is true story of what happened to me today)


  1. Wow that was a crazy time you had. And I’m glade you stuck up for yourself and didn’t give into anything because sometimes pressure can suck. I totally applaud you for being independent. 🙂

  2. Speaking of an AIDS cure, some crazy lady from Africa came to my school and claimed to have the herbal recipe for the cure, but the U.S. government is preventing her from publicizing it because AIDS is a moneymaker. Crazy woman.

    Gee, you must have really high connections because according to my clock you’re in the future! It’s Friday 20 August 9:52 and your post says “Sat, Aug. 21st, 2004, 12:58 am ”
    Just kidding! I’m not that stupid 🙂

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