Went out

Finally went to pick up my passport. If I could get excited about things, this is something I would get excited about. Among all people that could’ve gone with me to pick it up, guess who went, René. Yeah, althought other people knew I needed to go they never offered to.

Was an interesting trip. I get along pretty well with him, sadly he’s too young (19) and not my type at all. Funny thing is that he has hinted about getting together and stuff. I had fun though, after picking up the passport we went to El Recreo Mall, and went to a bunch of stores looking at clothing, had lunch (sushi) and then walked all the way to El Sambil Mall and did another dose of window shopping. We ended up eating cinnamon rolls and then walking to Plaza Altamira and sitting on benches and talking until it was late at night.

Been thinking too much.


In my efforts to take over the world. I found out that my many fans need a regular dose of what else but me. (pause) This is the reason why today, I decree, starting today I will post my memoires over here. In a regular basis you finally get your cravings satisfied.

Had a caesar salad, had bacon bits in the bottom of the plate, was good, not a traditional caesar flavor, but enjoyed it. Also had a couple beers.

Few days ago I finally met René, after 2 or something years talking on the phone frequently I finally decided to meet him, a mixture of boredoom on my part and desire to make new friends made me take the decision. We got along very well together, It was fun. He picked me up on his dad’s motorcycle, was fun to ride around Caracas, we ended up going to drink beers and eat bbq, Luis Luis and Andreina met with us and they got along pretty well, I think it was a very successful meeting.

Talked with Roelo yesterday, he’s pretty excited about me going. Makes me feel weary about his expectations, hopefully everything will go wonderfully.