Chris + Roundtrip + Immigration

Soo.. let’s see what’s new in my life..

First and foremost, I broke my stupid Pocket PC, which is sorta a good thing, cause between the Laptop and the Pocket PC I was online like 16.5 hours a day. I miss the poor bastard, now it’s on it’s way to New South Wales (state from Australia) to be repaired, I hope the guys from tech support believe my “internal pressure” theory and don’t charge me for the repair of the thing, it’s under warranty 😀 .. I know.. I’ll go to hell.. but .. Hey .. I’m already a fag, so I’ll go to hell anyways.

Chris who is this guy I’ve been chatting with for the last month or so, he visited me for the last 2 weekends before the last, and he said he loved me and stuff, we sorta hit it off in the first weekend he was here, but on the last I got sorta annoyed by him a lil, and in the end I wanted him to leave. He’s a nice kid though, have a big heart. Well, I just found out he got a bf, the last weekend he went out with someone else. Well I’m glad we weren’t bfs or anything, this way I don’t feel cheated on. Although leaves a bad taste in my mouth, ohh.. and a sore throat.

On other news, I still yet have to figure out what am I going to do with Australian immigration, I have to check if I go out and I can come back immediately and stay for 6 months more, and until when I can stay in the country. The plan has sorta changed I thought I was going to Fiji for like a week and then coming back, but with Roelo doing this trip around the world, and he’s good organizing this things, and he’s staying with some friends here and there, seems that the price won’t spike up that much compared to going to Fiji, and well.. I won’t be by myself. So probably I will end up going to Johannesburg, Frankfurt, Amsterdam and San Francisco. Yay.. Africa at last.

My Internet connection seems to be behaving now, woops.. seems that I had inadvertently changed some settings in azureus.