Amen Brain System Checklist ©


Amen Brain System Checklist ©
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Type Probability

ADD Combined Type Not Probable more info
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Cingulate System Hyperactivity Probable more info
Limbic System Hyperactivity Highly Probable more info
Basal Ganglia Hyperactivity Probable more info
Temporal Lobe System Probable more info



What I’ve been doing lately?.. Well.. let’s see..
.- Playing Knight Online
.- Worrying about the fact that I haven’t completed my project yet.
.- Worrying that I haven’t done much regarding to the Australian Immigration


Today Ravi is arriving, it’s this guy from Trinidad whom I don’t know much. He’s a friend of Pony (an Internet friend) and we’ve chatted a few times and we decided it would be cool for him to come and stay over for a few days. It will be nice to have someone around for a change.


Yesterday went to Cudjoe key. Checked the house where T&J used to live. Also we rented a pontoon (flat boat) and sailed to one of the islands Tyler used to kayak too when he lived there, he wanted us to spread his ashes there. I was amazed that they will give you the ashes of people in a plastic bag inside a cardboard box. But well.. I guess that’s life. So, the ashes where kinda whiteish, sorta nice. After that we had a picnic on the pontoon and hanged around for a while, and later went to dinner in this nice restaurant.