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Last night I was here at home, minding my own business when someone knocked at the door. It was my ex’s family, his mother, father and brother. They came home to visit me, since they haven’t seen me in 3 years. It was nice and interesting, we talked about .. well.. things people talk about.. you know what have you done and that kinda stuff. After that my ex’s brother invited me to go out, and we eneded up going to a few bars and getting some drinks, and mainly talking about his depression and problems with this girl he likes.

He’s a sweet and cute kid that is going thru the rough times of learning how to deal with deceipt. Hope I can help.

(damn, you’re getting old when you call 20 year old guys “a kid”)

3/27/2005 6:52:45 PM BNE -> LAX False False False False

3/27/2005 6:52:45 PM


What the fuck?.. It really annoys me when in a brochure it says ridiculous thing like..
“we encourage you to explore and discover”

Okay, let me start from the beginning. Here I am, standing on the line for my Quantas flight to Los Angeles. It’s 10 something, I don?t care to wear a watch, Besides the on my ex-ex gave me as a present when I left my native country 3 years ago. Has no battery though, but I don’t care about time. Unless when it involves other people, then it’s TIME. Some Quantas’ girl walks around, saying something about a flight, can?t hear her, as usual. Get off the queue. A relief, the 70 year old woman behind be has been pushing her car onto my heels for the 20th time. I have to leave my baggage unattended, wow, a big no-no. I get to her, they’re check-in the flight on the business section. Pull my 160lbs. of shit out of the line. God, I hate shit. I make a new line, this time shorter. I’m at the counter, damn, hope I’m not over the weight limit or I’ll have to start pulling shit out of the suitcase and dumping it in the bin.

Surprise, surprise.. WTF? he says “You’ve been upgraded to Business class”, I ask “Why?”, He says “Cause you?re special” .. WTF? Not even my mother thinks I’m special, unless it’s drooling kinda special. A smile crosses my face, but still I’m pissed cause I didn’t found out why.

Fucking mother of Jesus. Immigration, or should we say emmigration, line is huge. 35 minutes to the boarding call, I think I can make it. It’s funny but it doesn’t matter how early I am for anything, I always end up being stressed cause I might be late. At least the cart sicko is nowhere near.

Ahhh, the joy of emmigrating. Noone cares, they happily stamp your passport. No questions asked. No stress, no fear.

The flight has been delayed. 20 minutes only. Enuff to buy something special for the loved ones, or so they say. The reason? Some New Zealand flight has mechanical problems, those Kiwis. Does Australia has to always come to the rescue? Now our flight it overbooked, mmm, It makes sense now, that’s why I was upgraded. Mystery solved.

What the fuck? I have to get off the plane in New Zealand? and drag all my shit out ? Damn.. These Kiwis look funny.. giggles.. OMG I remember, I had sex with one a few months ago.

Finally back in the plane. Waited for a long time. I think it was an hour. Haha and this is just starting, the first leg of the flight. A flight that looks more like a centipede. We’ll we’re packed. I got an obese guy to my left. Fuck, why the call champagne when it’s not champagne, it’s sparkling white white, sparkling wine, or bubbly or something but champagne only comes from Champagne in France and has DOC. Well, what the fuck do I know anyways, I’m happy with my water.

Been watching Shrek 2. Very funny. I like cartoons, I don’t watch them as much as I used to. I still watch The Simpsons fro time to time, used to watch them everyday with my ex. Happy, happy.

Just finished dinner. Ewww. The veggies overcooked, the meat overcooked, the wine sucked paired with the sauce. I don?t understand why people pay so much to fly, next time I’m bringing my spiderman lunch box.

Why do people get so fat? It puzzles me. Maybe I have the time to think about these things because I have no responsibilities to worry about. But it really puzzles me how people can take so bad care about themselves. I mean, I understand if you’re 12 and you don’t know any better… well I guess it’s like smoking… u know, I see these people who truly love themselves, unlike me though, and they smoke. They’ve been smoking for years, it’s a reflex and habit. I guess like me and jacking off. I mean, I can’t go for too long without doing it. Yeah, you know the tingly feeling is nice and stuff, but I think it goes beyond that. It’s an habit, one of the few I haven’t been able to break. I don?t think it’s a body need though. Like