3rd day straight…

On the third day of going out with Nathan, we decided to go to an Open House of the arts centers in Melbourne. We met around 2pm or so and took the train to the city. Right of the train station there was so museum so we went exploring. We found a really cool multimedia exposition, which some guy told us it was the biggest one in the world. There was this cool piece that was a white globe with a hole and a screen, you pushed your finger in the hole and the screen would change into different comic style drawing of genitalia, We laughed very hard while playing with it. After that we walked around Chinatown and went into a couple of stores. We were laughing all the time and having fun. One thing that bothered me was that he kept repeating what I said, sorta mocking my accent.. *grr* .. After that we went back to his place we decided to watch a movie. OMG.. what a mess… It’s been a LONG time since I’ve seen a place so dirty and messy. He did some pot (we’ve gone out 3 times, 2 of them he has done drugs, one different kind of drug each time), after that we went to a safeway supermarket to buy some “lollies” as he call them .. candy to eat while watching the movie. My eyes were very sore from the contacts and he kept saying that they were red, and he looked stoned, so both of us looked as if we were on drugs. We laughed a lot walking back to his apartment. It was fun… more to come latah

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