joinmetoday: how u doing ?
pizzamanauthor: cold ! and u?
joinmetoday: not too bad thanks, what’s ur status?
pizzamanauthor: Tourist
joinmetoday: i am 34, str8 acting, 73 w, 5 8 height, 7 cut and u?
pizzamanauthor: err.. I’m 33 and like.. I’m like.. 5’6″ and like skinny.. and like.. like.. ncut
joinmetoday: r u top/bottom/vers?
pizzamanauthor: depends where the other guy is
joinmetoday: r u in melb?
pizzamanauthor: cause like.. if he’s on the top… I’m like bottom.. but he’s on the bottom .. i’m like top .. but like he can be on the bottom while i’m bottom..
pizzamanauthor: but like i haven’t had sex in so long that i don’t remember
pizzamanauthor: yeah..
pizzamanauthor: in melbourne
joinmetoday: i am top and interested to catch up, how is that
pizzamanauthor: catch up what ?
joinmetoday: hook up
pizzamanauthor: fishing?
joinmetoday: yap
pizzamanauthor: YAY !!
pizzamanauthor: I love fishing
pizzamanauthor: all those cutie fishies
joinmetoday: where do u live?
pizzamanauthor: and like .. the water and the beach
pizzamanauthor: YAY !!
pizzamanauthor: I wanna go
pizzamanauthor: South Yarra
joinmetoday: man i am looking for sex
joinmetoday: that fishing
pizzamanauthor: OMG
pizzamanauthor: SEX !
pizzamanauthor: I rather go fishing fishies
joinmetoday: yap
joinmetoday: r u interested ?
joinmetoday: 4 sex
pizzamanauthor: only if we go fishing fishies firsty
joinmetoday: bye
pizzamanauthor: like.. i wanna catch a HUGE salmon
pizzamanauthor: awww


  1. L

    That was soooooooooooooooooooo funny.

    HAHAHAHAHAHA. I luv you!

    I…I…I’m like…so in love with you !!!

    Can we go fishing fishies firsty? Phluuueasee!!!


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