wow, it”s been a while since i’ve had time to update my jou

wow, it”s been a while since i’ve had time to update my journal.

Today was a weird day, i was being extra clumsy and broke one bulblight from the bathroom. It was already burnt but I wanted to take it to the hardware store to get it changed. Also I drove the rental car into the sidewalk and made a hole in the side of the tire, which makes it unrepairable, so i had to buy a new tire, a bird shit on me ( i guess that was a signal to stay indoors today ). Finally took the rental car back today, I had it for 10 days already, wow, i’ve been here for 10 days .. amazing. I ordered Internet today, will get it in around 10 days.

So finally got an apartment in elbourne, South Yarra. It’s a very nice neighborhood very close to one of the most famous shopping strips in melbourne. It has wooden floors, just like I wanted, thought the first couple of days it was a bit of a shock and the neighbors were a lil bit noisy, but i like the apartment a lot and it’a gonna be cool. I need to get some furniture though, i went to IKEA but I ain’t a fucking decorator and when it comes to matching textures and colors and colour coordinating I ain’t have no fucking clue. I guess I’ll wait until Roelo comes on friday to visit, maybe he’ll help, although I’m not sure he has better taste than I do.

Today is my first time riding the trams, they are sorta like the ones in San Francisco, but they cover the whole city. They are nice, and they give me plenty of time to update my journal.