Yesterday Roelo and I went to Marysville “Marysville is only ninety minutes from Melbourne through the wineries of the Yarra Valley and the majestic mountain ash and giant tree ferns of the Blacks’ Spur”. It was a very pretty drive from Melbourne, lots of tropical forest vegetation, and lots of ferns, and then everything covered in snow… was really pretty. After that we went to the MOËT Chandon vineyards, we had some wine tasting and a cheese platter that was soo yummy, I was pigging out. That took us the whole day. In the evening Roelo was going to some party which I didn’t wanted to go, after I was at home for a while Gayle called and invited me to a fund raising party for a costa Rican orphanage.. *rolls eyes* .. which I agreed to go .. well… it was different.. lol .. there were some blues brothers impersonators which actually did a very good job.

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