Wow, I’m so happy to see that posted in his LJ, it’s been a while since we’ve talked and I was wondering how he was doing.

Yesterday went with Roelo to visit Michael, he’s a very sweet guy, in his late 50’s I would say, very energetic and funny, he cooked for us. We were talking and he was making jokes, and I usually don’t laugh a lot in front of people, but I was cracking up. Roelo seemed pissy about something the whole day, I can only guess he was sad cause he was leaving. Rob has been bugging me for him to stay over and do some frottage with me.

frot·tage (frô-täzh)

  1. Massage; rubbing.
  2. The act of rubbing against the body of another person, as in a crowd, to
    attain sexual gratification.

But I’m not sure if want to have sex with him, he’s cute and all .. but he’s sorta my only friend here in Melbourne so far, I think I’m going to wait, anyways.. I’ve haven’t had proper sex in 3 years.. so .. who cares if I wait another decade or two ..

I have a bunch of stuff to do here, get a drivers license, get a bank account, start working on my permanent residency, fix the cold air drafts in my apt, buy furniture,

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