Went out finally

Yesterday finally I met my first gay guy in Providence. He was someone I’ve talked a few times with. He told me he was bored and offered me to go out to a bar/club called Mirabar. So we met really close by to the dorms and went to the club. He wasn’t very talkative, but the music was kinda loud and didn’t helped us talk. I drank a vodka trying to get away from the awkward moment. Later he offered to dance, and I really enjoyed dancing there, the music was very good and I jumped around a lot. After the bar closed (in here everything closes at 2am). We came to JWU and I gave him a mini tour of the area, we sat down and talked briefly after a while it was getting kinda cold, so I said goodbye and left.

I was doubtful whether he liked me or not, but later he connected to the net and started to be very talkative to me, and I guess that meant he liked me. That’s a good ego boost.

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