Lately my days have been very good, I’ve been skating everywhere it’s very nice and fun to be able to get everywhere fast. Also I feel so good doing it….

Today I went to the movies with Delia and Anna, I had such a great time it was unbelievable. We went and watched the Ring. Since it is a scary movie they were all scared and hugging me, and since they know I’m gay they were confortable doing it, which in the end felt really nice cause I got hugged. The movie photography was interesting. After that we went to a bar and ate something and drank a beer, it’s really nice to do stuff…

I’m not sure why I haven’t been updating my LJ as frecuently as I like to. But I haven’t felt like it, or haven’t had anything to write.

I’m reading a book called Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain, it teaches about how you can develop drawing skills if you relearn how to see things. Today I went and bough a bunch of art supplies, I will start following the book to see if I can learn how to draw better.

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