Luis Antonio’s Kitten

This happened a few days ago… I didn’t wanted to write about it again, so I add an insert of how I told a friend about what happened :

[22:38] Author: a couple days ago I was online.. and my ex talked to me
[22:38] Jon: and?
[22:39] Author: i usually don’t answer him .. but this time he wrote “won’t you ever talk to me again ?”
[22:39] Jon: mmm
[22:39] Author: to which i replied .. ever is a long time..
[22:39] Author: so well.. he started talking to me . and blah bla .. telling me that he was going back to Venezuela in 10 days…
[22:39] Author: and blah blah..
[22:39] Author: and then he started talking about his cat..
[22:39] Jon: i understand…that one would be hard to resist
[22:40] Author: seems that a few months ago he found a small kitten .. and he has been taken care of it ever since…
[22:40] Jon: cool
[22:40] Author: and he was telling me if I wanted it cause he didn’t had the money to pay for all the shots and tranport for it to Venezuela..
[22:41] Author: I told him .. I don’t want it cause It would hurt too much..
[22:41] Jon: understood
[22:41] Author: in the end I asked him .. how much ?
[22:41] Author: he told me $300..
[22:41] Jon: and?
[22:41] Author: and i sent him a money order.. for $300
[22:42] Jon: should I ask……lol
[22:42] Author: he didn’t wanted to accept the money, ..
[22:42] Jon: and he’s sending the kitten?
[22:42] Author: he’s taking the kitten to Venezuela

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