Charmed’s Question !

A few days ago something weird happened. My ex-ex boyfriend sent me an email message after almost a month of no contact. It was a rather long email telling me about his problems in his relationship and basically showing me a very depressed face of him, although I know his boyfriend (Kumashy) and I talk with him almost everyday and somehow I know his boyfriend loves him. I also know that kumashy is only 17 years old and he still have many things to live and experience. So he is kinda frisky, but basically I think he has respected the relationship enough.

So my ex-ex after telling me all this about his relationship, asks me for a favor, asks me for $1000 because he needed to pay for college. Well he has asked me for money in several occasions before and usually I never lend anything, and this time was not going to be the exception, not because I’m mean, but because I knew that somehow this was not the complete story.

A few days later, I was online and ‘s brother messaged me, and asked me if it was true that I was going to send him some money. To which I replied it was not entirely true, but it wasn’t a lie either (because although I wasn’t going to send anything, he was expecting it). Well he kept on talking and told me that was expecting that money cause he owed him around $350 in cell phone expenses.

So I’m kind of complicated in here, let’s see :

  • He asked me for money stating that it was for college, but it’s really not my problem what he uses is for ?
  • He knew that I would’ve never lent him anything if I knew it was due to his irresponsibility?
  • Did he basically lied to me?
  • Why would I lend $300 to Luis Antonio for his kitten and not to ?
  • Why people come to me asking for money?

Well I guess that of course it’s not my problem what he uses the money for, but… lying is something dishonest and shouldn’t be done by friends (or exs), and he was trying to manipulate the situation to make me lend him the money because he knew I wasn’t if I knew the truth.

*Thanks to Tony and Ben for exemplifying the use of lj-cut !

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