Wow .. It’s been a while since the last time I wrote somethi

Wow .. It’s been a while since the last time I wrote something here, I keep repeating this to myself to see if I end up writing here more often. There have been few ups and downs lately. Yesterday it was a very interesting day .. I was getting a little bit pissed off from all the smoke in the room. (My roomate smokes a lot). So I tried to stay out of the room for most part of the day. I ended up trying to find a corner in the halls where there weren’t people walking around or noise. I ended up drawing a little bit there. I started doing some of the exercises from the book and they’ve come out pretty nicely already.

In the evening I went with David (Hungarian boy that everybody was saying that he might be gay, and he talks kinda weird and people make fun of thim). He has been insisting for the last couple of weeks that we should go somewhere, he wanted to go with me somewhere no matter where.. So we ended up going to a pumpkin festival called Jack-O-Lantern, very nice, thousands of carved pumpkins set up in different areas with different themes,nice music, smoke, lights.. very nice setup indeed