Product shots, paper light box

Lately I’ve been playing with the camera, basically that. Well, I’ve been keeping Meraii company too, cleaning around, cooking. Did an awesome pork roast, very nice burgers with Dukkah pesto and a couple other things I’m too tired/unmotivated to write about.

I’ve been struggling with photography, I’m discovering how difficult is to be creative, it has never been my forté and it’s a side of me I’ve always thought that is undeveloped.

I chose photography because of several reasons like, it’s learning curve is not as steep as painting for example. It’ll push me to go outdoors. It’ll hopefully help me with my shyness. It’ll help me to look things with a different perspective.

Oh god this ain’t working.. going pretty random here..

I’ve been a little depressed lately, probably has to do with a couple reasons like being by myself lately.

okay .. I’ll leave this here..
cya later

ohh wait.. went to the movies with Emilio today, and checked the front of Pandemic Studios.

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