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Soo.. the other day Paul invited me to Jakarta, an Indonesian restaurant in New Farm, QLD. After waiting for like 10 minutes, because I arrived too early, he got there. I had bought a bottle of some riestling wine that the clerk at a liquor store, right next door, suggested me.

So we sat down and he mentioned he was going to call Greg to come over. It was interesting to see him again. I let Paul order, food was nothing too surprising, but interesting nonetheless.

Gado-gado from the photo, is the veggie salad with peanut sauce and prawn crackers on top. Since I’m not partial to sweet flavours and most of the Indonesian food has plenty of sweetness to it, or so it seems, I’m not the best one to talk about this dish, but it was okay. I wouldn’t order it again though, maybe because it’s just so simple. Veggies and what not tossed together and some sauce on top. The rest of the dishes were as or more simple than this one.

Paul had to go and left me with Greg. We ended up walking around New Farm area, going to the Story Bridge so I could take a few photos. I ended up going to his apartment, had a couple glasses of water and then he drove me to my car. *shrugs* Wow.. this post is so boring.. I think I wanna puke

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