Someone just rang the door, at first I thought.. maybe it’s Nathan.. but then I looked thru the window and it was some guy with a box of roses. I was like WTF…
A huge very beautiful and wonderfully arranged box of roses, with chocolates, roses petals in bag and rose oil.
Of course since I’m depressed my mood didn’t changed much, although got a little bit upset. I read the card. From Roelo. “Welcome to Australia, sorry I can’t be there, but I made a change on my life for the better”
Why I’m a so cold ?

I do appreciate the present (with my mind). But it does not give me a warm feeling, It gives me a feeling of WTF, why he has to do this ?
He’s been a very cool friend and he has helped me a lot, and I’ve enjoyed most of the times we’ve hanged out and done stuff, but this is taking it too far.. I don’t know.. I feel confused…

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