Depression part II

[17:09] mercurytoxic: i’m depressed
[17:09] natez screename: why so?
[17:09] mercurytoxic: why wouldn’t it?
[17:10] mercurytoxic: i have nuffin and noone
[17:10] mercurytoxic: i don’t even have friends
[17:10] mercurytoxic: u know.. i have a big problem ..
[17:11] mercurytoxic: like.. i have very low self steem .. so .
[17:11] natez screename: yeah
[17:11] mercurytoxic: i never feel attracted to anyone.. as a defense mechanism..
[17:11] natez screename: i think we both have that problem
[17:11] mercurytoxic: until they show they are attracted to me..
[17:11] mercurytoxic: after that is when i kinda start feeling attracted to the person..
[17:12] mercurytoxic: does it make sense?
[17:12] natez screename: like you feel attract only to those who are attract to you because they are the only ones there?
[17:12] mercurytoxic: yeah.. kinda..
[17:13] mercurytoxic: i’m not sure why..
[17:13] mercurytoxic: i think it’s cause i know they’re not gonna reject me
[17:13] mercurytoxic: or make fun of my feelings
[17:24] natez screename: why are we so depressed?
[17:27] mercurytoxic: me.. because .. I deserve it
[17:27] mercurytoxic: cause i’m unfit
[17:27] natez screename: thats what we need to work on
[17:27] natez screename: self value
[17:27] natez screename: we think were so worthless
[17:28] natez screename: and we dont deserve anything
[17:28] mercurytoxic: mmhh..
[17:28] mercurytoxic: well.. you have no proof..
[17:28] mercurytoxic: but I have..
[17:28] mercurytoxic: my ex dumped me cause I suck
[17:28] mercurytoxic: and I can’t offer anything to anyone..
[17:28] mercurytoxic: not even a good time
[17:29] mercurytoxic: cause I’m boring and dull


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