Random thoughts

Dear Mr. Friend,

I wish to let you know that the next of kin of your sexy roomate has died. They new aborigines of the south pacific ate his flesh and controlled his mind in a throughly manner. We, the people of zynglongyz planet, really despise this kind of conduct and potray this act as an example of the poor development that the religious tendencies of the world have impacted about all of the seaborne creatures. Our friends, members of the atlatic council, and reignors of the kingdom of the atlatida, are considering war with such creatures. We do not condone this act in any way.

On another topic, our agreement upon the anthropomorphism tendencies of some members of your population have reached the zyng senate and will surely be approved shortly. We as creatures able to morph into any carbon based body, believe that sex with the animal of your choice, regardless of type of skin, sex, fetish, behaviour, outcome or species should be a right for your human kind as long as both creatures are concentual, for our kind it has been an obvious right for centuries.

Thanks in advance,
Zyuis Zynraren
Chamber of Council of Zynglongyz
Grizylon Territory
卍 Aliance

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