2nd Season of..

I love when I talk like this with , we were talking about love and then we drifted and suddenly we were talking about how could it would be to live together and love each other. Was soo beautiful, throught the years, he’s shown me how much value he has and what a wonderful person he has grown up to be.

We were dreaming about living together and having the relationship we’ve always wanted, felt so real and so possible. Maybe someday it’ll come true, we just need to keep the idea in the backburner I guess..

I’m sure my love for him can go deeper, I mean, I did love him a lot and still do, and we’ve kept this amazing friendship for around 5 years after we broke up. So we’ve known each other for 7 years, and we still chat about interesting stuff and have many things in common. He has always shown that he’s proud of me in many ways, and I’ve feel the same as well, and with time I’ve learned to accept the things that i didn’t in the past.

So, could there be a second season for & . I’m not sure though, but if it happens, I’m DAMNED sure we’ll make our biggest effort to love each other immensely and have everything we’ve always wanted, this time together.

Can my ex-ex, , be my immensely loved boyfriend? could he have been there all the time and I haven’t realized it? Well, I would be VERY happy if he was the one because I already love him heaps, and would be more than pleased to share my life with him.

Babe, just knock on my door and enter my heart when you’re ready. Heal, grow, live, love, hurt and when you’re ready to have the one, enter my heart.

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