I just came from the Strand, it’s a disco that is gay on sundays.. Everybody was having fun, people were holding hands, hugging, and basically having a nice time.. I hated it . 🙁 I felt really bad, tried to drink some alcohol and dance, but I just felt crappier, I came back home to cry..

I feel sad, I feel unatractive, I feel that noone will ever love me cause I’m stupid and overall a bad person. I hate it…


  1. Erf…Luis, you really are such a sweetie. ::hugs:: I’m sorry to hear that you’re feeling down -_- Here’s some love being sent your way in hopes it’ll help you feel a little better. ::snugs tight::

  2. You think I would’ve been your bf and friend over all this years if I didn’t thought you were cute and nice and just a wonderful guy ? You have issues, yes, but that doesn’t mean your all that you said…I could spend a lot of time telling you here what you are and what you represent for me, but that will be pointless cause you know it already.

    Enjoy Luis, you went there to enjoy your life, go to school, make friends, meet someone. You have the chance, you CAN do it.

    And after all, your not me, screwed up to no end -sending you an email for that- and struggling with a relationship to keep it alive, since a lot has been going on…but I guess you know that already, you speak more to my bf than I do. How sad it that?

    Anyways sweetie…simply take things easy, your a wonderful guy Luis, a wonderful guy for real.

    I love you, and always will.


  3. Thanks.. 🙂

    I do wonder what you mean by the “You have issues” part, though.

    I didn’t liked the “you’re not me” part.. Sounds basically nonsense

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