Miyamoto Musashi: Kettô Ganryû-jima

Gee.. yesterday I didn’t posted anything probably because I was kind of depressed/busy/tired/pissed off. My day started by going to my old college “Universidad Nueva Esparta” and finding that they could not process my request for certified programs because I didn’t knew how many semesters I studied there, that after waiting for almost a month until they opened the requests period for certified stuff. They promised to call in the afternoon to tell me how many semesters I attended, and surprinsingly they DID.. they did called at around 3 pm (they told me they called at 1:30 pm but I wasn’t home). So they told me I had attended 7 semesters but I didn’t passed anything on the last one (of course I didn’t, I didn’t went to clases, not even for a single day I think). Well, at that moment I knew how much I needed to deposit at the bank, so I could make the request.

After that everything became more complicated, first, .. well.. actually I think it was before going to the U, I chatted with Luis Antonio for a while and he asked me “when are you was leaving?”, I replied “leaving where to?”, he said “to Ohio”. (he doesn’t know yet where I am going to exactly, I said Ohio a while ago because I thought about applying to a University there). I said “In the end of August”. To which he replied “I am going back to Caracas by the end of August” (in spanish his exact words were “regreso a Caracas a finales de Agosto”). I don’t exactly know what he means by that but at first it kinda confused me, made me think many things, I still love him very much and I still care for him and for what he do. But I no way I am going to risk again myself and my future, so I just think now.. “it’s cool if he comes to Caracas again, I wish him lots of luck and that he becomes successful in every path he follows”, maybe someday, in the future, who knows. But right now, my education is first. I’m gonna miss him very very very very very much….

I need to get out of here though, and he’s not the appropriate person to take this endeavour with, because he’s not loyal enough, maybe in the future when he matures a little bit more…

In the afternoon Peter was here and Enrique came to visit and burn some cds. While we were here Belen called and asked me if I could do her a favour, if I could leave everything and go to her place cause she was having problems with her computer, I felt awkward, this kind of situation always happens to me, people asking me for stuff, and I feel like I need to please everybody, I think he understood, but she realized I had previous plans, I had a hard time telling her.. It shouldn’t be so difficult for me… afterwards we went to have dinner (chineese food). Very yummy !!!.. I was kinda down, so after that we just left the movie I’d rented the previous day Samurai III, Duel at Ganryu Island and I came home to sleep.

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