1st time @ Fussion

Yesterday, finally after months I went out dancing. This time to Fussion, a gay disco that is about 5 blocks from my home but I’ve never went before, it’s very big compared to the usual gay ghetto that we are used to. The place is a theater during the day and a gay disco at night,The music wasn’t that great and the dancers show sucked, but overall it was a very nice experience. I tried to relieve how I felt in Mexico, but it didn’t worked, in the end at around 5 am I couldn’t stand the depression any longer and I just came home. I was telling myself that I need to forget about the past, forget about the past, forget about the past, I need to live right here and right now.. I need to live the present, I need to live the present…

I felt much better than the usual, mainly I think because I didn’t drank any beers at all. I just drank ciclon energy drink and that kept my energy levels high during the whole night. I’ll never ever drink alcohol again when I go to a party. Also I guess was due to the fact that I’ve been going to the gym, and that has boosted my energy and mood.

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