What happened last night ?

Seems like it’s been a long time since the last time I wrote in here.. weird, cause it’s been just hours. But I’ve done many things lately, yesterday I stayed up late talking on the phone with basically listening and trying to be somehow his psycologist, friend and shoulder where to cry. At the same time I talked a lot about what has happened in my life in the past few years and how I think I kinda spent a lot of effort in devoting myself to relationships and forgetting about me as a person. He has come a long way since we first met back in 1996, I’m happy to have seen the evolution and I’m proud to be his friend and I would be even more proud of him when he achieves all the important goals he has to achieve in his life.

I kinda realized too that somehow love is a temporary thing for most people, and probably for everyone love is something that can’t be maintained 100% of the time, and because of that there are other sentiments that must be developed for a relationship to be able to withstand the erosion that time imposes, some of them are respect, idolatry, consideration, solidarity and many more I suppose. I guess all these sentiments must be etched in the person’s paramaters of life, but also must be earned.

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