Today was my first day at the gym, it was cool… I’ve always been energetic enough so it wasn’t that hard for me, although my upper torso and arms have always been very weak, like everytime I’ve been to the gym before, it’s difficult for me to really push it with that part of the body. On the cardiovascular workout I think I did pretty well, I was a little tired after a while and of course I would’ve never been able to run the NYC marathon but it’s my first day and I did a lot. Also the steam bath was cool or I might sat HOT, at first I was kinda worried because I’m shy, and I wasn’t kinda looking forward to see Enrique naked, but luckily he came to the steam bath with a bathing suit while I was wearing a towel, so I didn’t felt ackward and he didn’t either, these are the moments when I’d rather not know anybody. There was this nice looking guy the second time I entered the steam bath, but I didn’t even tried to make eye contact or anything, thanks GOD I’m completely sure I’m not looking for any complications at this moment. Everything in it’s due time.

Like when I was in Mexico and I went to Zipolite a clothing optional beach and since there were people I knew a little bit, I was too shy to get naked, and these people were hitting on me, and I didn’t wanted to give them the pleasure of looking at my nakedness. In the end, at the 8th day I think ( i went there since 12/25/2001-~01/03/2001, I finally took everything off and walked naked for a whle and swam naked also, it was very fun and I enjoyed it a lot, and in no way for me it was a sexual thing, luckily noone of the group I was with saw me naked, but lots of other people did, and it was very fun. It’s weird how some people in the end uses excuses like this to take advantage of the moment to distort everything into something sexual. Zipolite was magical for me, I was soooo deeply tanned because of all the sun I was getting, I had no worries whatsoever, I had nice friends there, I ate good food, sometimes too expensive for the price of food I was used to in Mexico City, but it was great though, eating granola with yoghourt, lots of fish, enfrijoladas, enchiladas, entomatadas, tamales.. yummmmmmmm !

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