I’ve never seen so much food all together. Today José Luis invited me to Taiko, a Japanese restaurant in Las Mercedes. Somebody called him and told him that Taiko were on 50% off day because Japan qualified on the World Cup. When we arrived he saw that some of his friends were there and we joined their table. We ordered a couple of dishes, sake, tea, but his friends ordered this nauseating amount of food. It was incredible. So we were eating there for 3 hours straight. His friends were nice people, nice people who like to talk. Afterwards we went to one of his friend’s place, they smoked some pot and talked some more. I think I could’ve had more fun, although there were times when I laughted a lot, but somehow it seems I can’t let myself loose. My stomach felt like it was going to burst open and food was going to get splattered on the walls. But I reached home and the bathroom on time. I feel much lighter now. mmm.. I don’t think taking a dump is something I should be writing about on my diary. But hey.. simple pleasures, life is full of simple pleasures.


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