It’s been a better day today, although I feel totally lazy a

It’s been a better day today, although I feel totally lazy and not productive. I haven’t done anything today. Although I woke up, I sat in front of the computer and chatted with various friends who were at their respective jobs. Later Steve came and brought some food, and we talked for a while, in the meantime I was browsing some Japanese language websites and was doing my first official lessons in katakana (ichi mootaasukuutaa – 一 モータースクーター), while talking about his new boyfriend and his boyfriend’s problems asuming his gayness, also I was browsing the web to learn a bit more about Dalí’s biography (his eccentricity and sexual problems), while downloading music (I finnally found the name from that drums group who used to played music in the Living Room gay disco in Mexico City, they are called Safri Duo, download Safri Duo – Played a life, do it NOW from HERE!

I think I should NOT use messenger, AIM, Yahoo Messenger and ICQ all at the same time, just because I CAN’T GET ANY WORK DONE.. People keep messaging me all the time, it’s not that I’m the most popular guy or anything, whenever someone finally disconnects someone gets on and wants to talk .. and since it’s easy for me to loose concentration… geee