Always late

Yeah I know, i’ve been told a million times that I take too much time to do things. Like today for example, I woke up and of course sat in front of the PC. I didn’t brushed my teeth, I didn’t took a bath, I didn’t had breakfast, just sat there and did the usual things, check email, check the downloads, chat with my friends. Check some web pages (universities, japanese). In the end it’s not that I actually get many things DONE, because what I was doing have no begging nor an end. So well, my friend Belen called me on the phone and she invited me to go to her place, it’s this things we have been doing for the past few weekends, that I go there on saturdays and spend part of the day playing games, cooking or doing something. Well we talked like at 1:30 pm and she asked me if I wanted to go with them (she and her husband) to the supermarket, well, that was 1 hour ago, I’m still sitting on the same chair, in front of the computer.. It’s hard for me to stand up and get things rolling, especially when always find a million different things to do when I’m on my pc.

I get the feeling that my whole way of thinking is about introspection and self evaluation, DAMMIT, i want to live, i want to be, i want to feel happy, not be judging what I do and what I feel and why all the time. DAMMIT, I am doing it right now.. this have to stop……… !!!

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