Exherbo git commit workflow

This is the workflow I used successfuly to properly modify and send to Exherbo for review my first commit which was a version bump of feh.

.- Modify the proper repository under /etc/paludis/repositories/ by adding sync = git://git.exherbo.org/rbrown.git local: git+file:///home/mercurytoxic/repos/rbrown to the required conf file

.- Make a local directory to act as repository mkdir /home/mercurytoxic/repos

.- Git clone to local with git clone git://git.exherbo.org/dev/rbrown.git

.- Modify the exheres needed located in /home/mercurytoxic/repos/rbrown…

.- Commit with git commit -a

.- sync sudo cave sync -s local rbrown and test sudo cave resolve -x1 feh

.- Modify/Commit again until everything is perfect

.- Reduce all commits to just one with git rebase -i

.- Create patch, format it and pastebin it with git format-patch --stdout -M -C -C -1 | wgetpaste -r

.- Submit the patch to #exherbo in freenode as !pq http://paste.pocoo.org/raw/xxxxxx/ ::rbrown

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