Yubikey + Roundcube mail = Two factor authentication webmail client

Second time updating roundcube mail to support OTP with yubikey. Process was fairly simple following instructions in https://github.com/northox/roundcube-yubikey-plugin

Install the code from https://github.com/northox/roundcube-yubikey-plugin.git

Add to config/main.inc.php:

$rcmail_config['plugins'] = array('yubikey_authentication');

Add to plugins/yubikey_authentication/config.inc.php and set the id and API key from Yubico:
$rcmail_config['yubikey_api_id'] = '';
$rcmail_config['yubikey_api_key'] = '';

Then, within roundcube webmail, in each user you can select if you want to set up a yubikey or not under settings.

Voilà, two factor authentication webmail https://mail.luisaranguren.com

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