Spamassassin and Thunderbird

Configured spamassassin to process daily running sa-learn on a folder, where I move emails that slip through the initial spamassasin run.

Created a script in /etc/cron.daily/ :

# sa-learn
#By Luis Aranguren 2011-04-11
# Learns spam from "spam2learn" folder and moves the learnt spam to "processed spam" folder
sa-learn --spam -C /etc/mail/spamassassin --dir /home/pizzaman/Maildir/.spam2learn/cur/
mv /home/pizzaman/Maildir/.spam2learn/cur/* /home/pizzaman/Maildir/.processed\ spam/cur/

Now I just need to create a pair of folders called “processed spam” and spam2learn in this email account in thunderbird, when an email gets thru I just move it to spam2learn, when the script runs it automatically moves it to the processed spam folder. This way the spam bayesian learning is done automatically every day.

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