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Finally decided to take the plunge and moved to a new home in a WordPress based blog with Ajax plug-ins and cross-posting to LiveJournal. Sadly LiveJournal was getting ancient.

Transferring from LiveJournal to WordPress was not as easy as it should or as it probably was in 2005. The included script of WordPress 3.1.1 didn’t work it kept spitting out this error:

Importing Posts

We’re downloading and importing your LiveJournal posts...

Uh oh – LiveJournal has disconnected us because we made too many requests to their servers too quickly.

We’ve saved where you were up to though, so if you come back to this importer in about 30 minutes, you should be able to continue from where you were.

And all the automatic scripts I found googling were severely outdated so I had to hack into one of them.

The initial procedure was found here, where I used ljarchive to download the whole LiveJournal database and export it to XML and the script I try to use were from here, but I had to modify the script because it was completely broken.

It seems that the table structure has changed throught WordPress progress and not updated on the script, this is the script I modified [download id=”1″], for anyone attempting to use it you might need to modify the table names to suit your MySQL database.


    1. Hi Daniel,
      No. I stopped trying to use the included script because it wouldn’t work for me, seems livejournal only accepts a certain number of requests in a period of time and no matter how infrequently I tried it never seemed to finish it. So I ended up using a modified version of a script I found online. I have all the information above.

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