Well, with the arrival of the new hard drive (WD2500KS 250GB) I’ve made tons of space to install lots and lots of stuff. I’ve been working with Gentoo the past few days and it’s been a breeze, asides from the ATI drivers which since are closed source from ATI (and spend half the time broken it seems) most things are working fine.

Let’s see…

Sager 8890 / Clevo D800P
Intel AC’97 Audio – Working (installed alsa in genkernel)
Intellimouse Explorer USB – Working (minus the scrollwheel)
ATI Technologies Mobility Radeon 9600 – Working (hangs when exiting Xserver)
Texas Instruments PCI1520 Cardbus – Working
Brooktree BT878 Video Capture/TV Tuner – Not tested
Silicon Image SIT 3113 SATA PCMCIA Card – Working
Cambridge Silicon Radio Bluetooth Dongle – Not Tested
Acer Warplink 802.11b Wireless miniUSB adapter – Not Installed
HP iPAQ Pocket PC – Not Tested
Trumpion Microelectronics USB SD/MMC Card reader – Working
Texas Instruments Firewire TSB43AB21 Controller – Not tested

Some programs that I’ve installed so far..
Superkaramba (kde widgets)
kdirstat (Directory statistics akin to Diskdata)
smb4k (samba for kde)
vmware (virtualization software)
xine (media player)
azureus (Bittorrent client)
mozilla firefox
drivel (livejournal graphical client)
Quake 4

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