So… This last week has been rather interesting, Internet was cut cause I forgot to pay the bill on time (yay me) and they took a whole week to reactivate it. For almost everyday my ex’s lil brother has been coming over. He’s such a cool kid, plenty of principles, good intentions, smart, funny, cute. I’ve known him for the last ~6 years or so, and ever since we met we’ve been able to communicate rather well. Since I came back to Venezuela he has made the effort to hang out with me (this always shows me the interest someone has to be my friend), and we’ve hit it pretty well. What I find rather uncomfy is that he’s one of those guys that has a lot of sex appeal, so from time to time I see him with desire.

We play around a lot, computer games, boxing, wrestle. I try not to have those yummy thoughts all the time and I think I accomplish it really well, but I find it rather hard to erase them completely from my mind.

I ask myself. He labels himself as straight and even thought I might have my own thoughts about that, I respect that. I doubt that if he wasn’t we could have a relationship, just starting with the age difference and experience. So I really shouldn’t even be considering it.

I wonder how does other people deal with these situations, having someone close that you enjoy being with but liking him a lil bit too much ?

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