Like… I was thinking… I’m gay right… and like some, if not all my gay friends have had not the best relationship with their father as a child. Having a distant father might have affected their sexual orientation? Are they craving a male figure because of their lack of male parental contact? mmm.. I?m not sure, but I’m sure cock tastes good !


  1. I was never close to my father when I grew up, but have been since we both moved out of home. Just cause a majority of gay guys didn’t get along with their fathers, doesn’t mean that all people who don’t get along with their father’s are gay. Personally I find it too ingrained to be a “choice”. Being gay must have a genetic basis. And what does ur cock taste like? d:

  2. i know lots of gay guys w/loving father/son relationships, i have an ok one, it’s not like OMG WE A BFF! but we get along, usually not having a good relationship with fathers makes kids look for a father figure, but it’s not necessarily a sexual thing. sometimes it’s manifest into a relationship with an older male. it can be sexual or it can be not it depends on the love within the relationship with your father, but it as nothing to do with sexuality, really.

    i hope that answers your question.

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