So.. after drinking a whole 2 lts bottle of coke by myself I’m now filled with beautiful neurotoxins that stimulate the need I have to talk nonsense. Yeah, that?s right…

Well, let’s see had a 3 hour conversation with my ex, he seems tired with all the work and school he’s doing, well it seems all my exs are working now.. wait.. no that’s not true.. well eventually it will be Muahahhahahahaha…

We had an interesting conversation. One thing that stood out was the talk about saunas… hheheh I just love to talk about sex.

After that had a long chat with luke, was very interesting to say the least and very enlighting. Him like me had been hiding fears behind a shadow of reason. Traitor reason that enslaves my soul to sadness.

I was reading news and got to charmed’s LJ and read the few posts he’s had over the past months ever since I came back to Caracas. He seemed so excited about life and stuff, and then Kuma died. After that, not much more. Withdrawal from public eye? Mourning? Sadness? Loss..

Like I told him once. I can’t begin to grasp the concept of what happened. Yeah, I miss Kuma, he was a friend. He used to call me quite often and we had meaningful conversations and what I said mattered. He demonstrated appreciation, and that was wonderful and made me enjoy inmensely his conversations. Sure I miss him heaps, but until the day one of my ex’s die, specially the ones I’ve loved the most, I won’t understand the pain, the void and the loss that’s in charmed’s heart.

I’m sorry. I can’t help more than I’ve had. No experience, no emphaty.

On a related note. If you whore don’t come and visit me soon. I’m gonna go there and kick ur ass all the way here. Dammit.

And yeah, I?m high on sugar and caffeine. Long live drugs.

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